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Publication date: March, 2018
Format: Paperback
Pages: 100
ISBN: 978-1-78358-320-1

AI in Application goes further than the hype, examining actual use cases across different practice areas and functions, offering a glimpse into the law firm of the future.

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There’s no doubt that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a game-changer for the legal profession. Barely a day goes by without the launch of a new start-up, or reports of law firms introducing new AI technology into their practice. But to what extent is AI actually being used in the industry today – and to what effect? Is the much-talked about death of the traditional lawyer any closer? Or is the technology not yet ready to replace the human element?

As a follow-up to our bestselling Robots in Law, AI in Application: An in-depth examination from the legal profession looks further than the hype, and at what actual use cases the technology is being employed in. 

Using actual examples of AI in practice, these case studies explore the various innovative technologies being used in the AI sector, covering different practice areas and functions. 

AI in application also examinines original research carried out by ARK Group in 2018, into trends in the legal AI market. Highlighting where firms have identified the uses to which they thought AI would be in the next few years, and the opportunities and blockages that may help or hinder proliferation of the technology, offering a glimpse into the law firm of the future.



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Kate Boyd

Kate Boyd is vice president of marketing at Kira Systems. With more than 20 years’ experience working with professional services companies around the world to embed cutting edge technology, she believes the combinations of great teams empowered with great technology opens exciting opportunities for firms of all sizes. Kate lives in Brooklyn where she geeks out over AI, cool tech, live jazz and peanut butter-filled pretzels.

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Joanna Goodman

Writer, editor, and IT columnist for the Law Society Gazette and the Guardian Media Network; author of Robots in Law

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Peter Bennett

Peter Bennett has been chief operating offi cer (COO) of Bates
Wells Braithwaite since 2006. During that time BWB has
expanded from £8 million to £25 million with a 225 headcount,
converted to an LLP and then to an ABS, and has then become
the only law fi rm in the UK to gain the world accreditation for
being a socially responsible profi t-making business (B Corps).
He is the compliance offi cer for fi nance and administration
(COFA), risk manager, data protection offi cer, leads the risk and
compliance service, as well as having director level reports in
accounting, Human Resources (HR), fi nance and Information
Technology (IT).

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Sondra Rebenchuk

Prior to joining Kira Systems, PR and communications lead, Sondra Rebenchuk practiced at the law firm Goodmans LLP in Toronto, where she focused on M&A and securities, and later transitioned to strategic communications firm, Longview Communications. She is passionate about the innovation of the practice of law and enjoys sharing stories of how individuals and firms are making remarkable contributions to the industry.

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Andrew Arruda

Andrew Arruda is a Canadian entrepreneur and lawyer, and chief executive officer and co-founder of the artificial intelligence company ROSS Intelligence, a leader in the legal technology industry. Andrew speaks internationally on the subjects of AI, legal technology, and entrepreneurship, and has been featured in publications such as The New York Times, BBC, Wired, CNBC, CBS, Bloomberg, Fortune, Inc., Forbes, TechCrunch, the Washington Post, and the Financial Times. A member of the Forbes 30 under 30 class of 2017, as well as a 2016 TED speaker, Andrew aims to forever change the way legal services are delivered. Prior to cofounding ROSS Intelligence, he worked at a Toronto litigation boutique and with the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development in Lisbon, Portugal.

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Dene Rowe

Dene Rowe is a partner, director of product development and sits on the executive board at Keoghs. In this role, Dene is responsible for developing Keoghs’ product offering and also takes responsibility for the firm's information technology, from which he leads the innovation in the firm's case management and intelligence systems. Dene's experience in management of many legal, technology, insurance industry, and insurance litigation teams has given him a breadth of experience across all aspects of Keoghs’ business areas and services.

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Karl Chapman

Karl Chapman is CEO of Riverview Law and Chairman of the Board of Kim Technologies. Riverview Law provides customers with a flexible, customer focused approach to the provision of legal services, underpinned by talented people, effective processes, scalable technology, and a customer-centric culture. Kim Technologies a leading edge software company that applies artificial intelligence capabilities to knowledge automation in any sector. 

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Richard Tromans

Richard Tromans is the founder of Tromans Consulting, which advises lawyers on strategy and innovation, including the adoption of legal AI/automation technology and its business benefits and impact. He has spent over 19 years working in the legal sector, focused on the UK and global legal markets. Richard is also the founder of the global legal AI and new technology site, Artificial Lawyer – – which was recently recognized as one of the top 50 information sites in the world on artificial intelligence. See for more information.

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Robert Millard

Robert Millard is founder and a partner at Cambridge Strategy Group, a management consultancy based in Cambridge, UK, focused primarily on law and other professional service fi rms and other deep knowledge enterprises. Rob is immediate past co-chair of the IBA’s Law Firm Management Committee and currently serves on the steering committee of the IBA’s President’s Task Force on the Future of Legal Services.

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