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Publication date: November, 2019

This activity has assisted other people in the following competencies: Working with other people, Managing yourself and your own work

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This practical webinar provides tips for those preparing for their own appraisal meeting. It covers:

  • The purpose of appraisal systems and your role
  • What is included in an appraisal – and what’s not
  • Logging what you have done in 12 months
  • Finding performance examples and evidence to add to an appraisal form
  • Thinking about the future – communicating what you want
  • Planning for the appraisal meeting
  • The 70/30 rule for appraisal conversations
  • Appraisal meeting hints and tips
  • Accepting feedback on your performance – and giving feedback
  • Setting SMART objectives – and finding topics, tasks and projects to include
  • Reviewing appraisal regularly


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Helen Boardman

is a business skills and personal development specialist with over 20 years of experience working with top professional services firms, clients and businesses. She has hands on experience of working with large and small groups, designing and facilitating personal development courses which get results, and ensuring that participants put learning into action. Helen advises, trains and coaches individuals and teams on how to manage time, cope with stress, work with teams, create great communication links and manage team members. She also helps and advises organisations on how to put together and run employee engagement programmes, performance appraisals and culture and values initiatives.

Helen is a Fellow of the CIPD, and has worked most recently in leadership and development roles in number of international law firms.

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