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This is a one-day course which introduces delegates to the essential elements of company law, focusing on those aspects of the regime which are particularly relevant to practitioners. It is ideal for lawyers specialising in other areas who want to find out about the topic, and for those who have some experience in the field and are looking for a refresher course.

Topics covered include the following:

Company law fundamentals

Companies Act 2006

  • Incorporation and limited liability
  • Public companies v private companies
  • Memorandum and articles of association
  • Winding up and administration


  • Appointment, removal and disqualification of directors
  • Role of directors
  • Board meetings
  • Directors’ duties


  • Role of shareholders
  • Shareholders’ written resolutions
  • Unfair prejudice
  • Derivative actions


  • Allotment of shares
  • Statutory pre-emption right
  • Classes of shares
  • Capital maintenance


Nigel Banerjee

Nigel is a visiting lecturer at King’s College London. He writes extensively on company law topics, including for Gore-Browne on Companies, and is the author of the ICSA Company Law Handbook. He previously worked as a corporate professional support lawyer in the City.

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