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As a residential conveyancer, you will know that there is an ever-growing list of suggested searches and enquiries to be carried out in a residential purchase transaction. Knowing how best to approach the huge range of pre-contractual searches and enquiries can be daunting, particularly as you seek to protect your clients’ interests throughout the transaction.

What is today’s best practice? How should you even begin to decide which enquiries are appropriate? This course is designed to enable you to identify which searches and enquiries to carry out, and common problems which can arise in the search results themselves

Our well known and experienced residential property expert, Lorraine Richardson, will take you through this vital topic, highlighting frequent problem search results – and how far you can reasonably be expected to deal with them.

Key learning outcomes

  • Know what searches and enquiries are appropriate in a residential purchase
  • Recognise common but tricky search results
  • Understand how best to deal with problem results

What does this course cover?

This course covers the essentials of searches and enquiries, and how to deal with tricky areas, including:

  • An overview of which searches you should carry out
  • Common but tricky search results
  • Further enquiries you should raise when you have received the search results
  • Acceptable responses to your enquiries from the other side

You may also benefit from attending Acting for a Buyer on a New Build: Pitfalls and Tips which takes place at the same venue in the morning.

You can take this course on its own, or as a complement to our popular course Residential Property – An Intensive Introduction for Qualified Practitioners.


Lorraine Richardson

MA (Cantab). Lorraine is an experienced solicitor and freelance legal trainer, specialising in residential conveyancing. Lorraine has a wealth of experience in legal training in a variety of legal training organisations and both designed and delivered the Land Registry Qualification whilst with the College of Law. Lorraine has also designed and delivered many management-related courses including Client Care and Professional Standards, Management Courses Stage 1 & 2 and Presentation Skills. Lorraine is a co-editor of the popular and practical Law Society publication ‘Conveyancing Forms and Procedures’.

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