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Publication date: February, 2013
Format: Paperback
Pages: 83
ISBN: 9781908640895

Harness the exciting and unique opportunities offered by Africa’s evolution.

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Recent substantial growth in Africa, as well as favourable predictions for the future, presents a host of lucrative opportunities for international law firms.  

However, each country within this vibrant and varied continent has its own unique history, growth prospects, and challenges which must be considered by all firms wishing to enter the market. 

Managing Partner in Association with Huron Legal presents: Into Africa – A critical new report featuring original, never-before-seen research into the unique opportunities and risks in the African legal market. 

Packed with insightful analysis, advice, and country-specific case studies Into Africa gives law firms the grounding upon which they can develop their strategy for entry or expansion into this exciting and growing market. Topics covered will ensure a strong understanding of: 

  • The key drivers behind growth in African markets and how these can help to determine law firm strategy; 
  • How to perform a segmentation analysis of the various African markets by trading blocs, trading patterns, and economic clusters;
  • The key risks for firms and their potential clients, and strategies for mitigating them; and,
  • The legal market opportunities available and strategies that can be adopted for entry.

Insightful case studies highlight the key points covered throughout each chapter, and feature comprehensive reviews of the single economies of Republic of Guinea, Mozambique, and Rwanda. 

PLUS…Useful appendices are included which should prove invaluable when developing your own strategy for entry or expansion into Africa. These include:   

  • African inbound FDI by industry: Ten largest recipients;
  • Investment banks in Africa;
  • Largest African exporters and importers, with trading partners (2011);
  • Risk indicators in transition economies;
  • M&A deals in African diversified countries 2009–2011;
  • Western law firms with offices or alliances in Africa; and
  • Urban population (share of total).    

This cutting-edge report is the essential purchase for any firm looking to harness the exciting and unique opportunities offered by Africa’s evolution.  


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John Cussons

John Cussons has more than fifteen years’ experience as a management consultant and project manager, and his experience in the legal and professional services sector includes working with small, regional, and national firms, as well as large international firms. His clients span Europe, Australia, South America, and South East Asia. His areas of work include domestic and international strategy (including the analysis of present and future business models, country attractiveness, and competitive positioning); client and practice management; and mergers. John Cussons is a regular contributor on various topics of law firm strategy and management, including writing articles, producing webinars, and speaking at conferences. He is the lead author of Into Africa: Opportunities and Risks in the African Legal Market (2013) and Financial Planning and Measurement for Law Firms (2011), and co-author of The Strategy-Led Law Firm: Business Models that Work (2012), all published by Ark Group. John can be contacted via email at ICD Consulting.

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Nicholas Bruch

Nicholas Bruch has over seven years’ experience advising clients on strategy, international expansion, and operational change. He has worked on projects in the US, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East in a wide range of sectors, including law, accounting, mining, banking, real estate, and international trade. He focuses on long-term strategy, international expansion, market entries, and facilitating internal change strategies. His areas of work include domestic and international strategy, client and practice management, and mergers. Nicholas was the lead author of The Strategy-Led Law Firm: Business Models that Work, published by Ark Group in 2012, and co-author on Into Africa: Opportunities & Risks in the African Legal Market, published by Ark Group in 2013. Nicholas can be contacted via email.

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