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A cross-industry summit for knowledge management professionals

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KM Summit: Your chance to learn from your peers across industries and verticals

As the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) finalises a global KM standard, now is the time to benchmark your KM strategy and learn from your peers across industries and verticals.

That's why we're hosting our two longest-standing KM events, KM Legal 2018 and Knowledge Management 2018, on the same day

Whether you’re a KM lawyer looking to create value from emerging artificial intelligence (AI), or you’re a knowledge manager in the manufacturing sector keen to get new ideas from practical, detail-led case studies, you’ll leave this two-day summit equipped with the latest KM trends and insight to help you reach your goals.

KM Legal 2018 provides you with inspiration on gaining the most from lawyer-led KM and how to drive forward innovation, while Knowledge Management 2018 delivers real-world case studies showing business transformation from across a range of industries and provides an update on the creation of the global KM standard.



KM Masterclass: Equipping today's knowledge manager for tomorrow

14 May 2018

Event audience: Knowledge managers

Are you looking to further progress your career as a knowledge manager? Could you benefit from understanding how the role is changing and what you can do to get ahead of the curve? As the International Standardization Organization prepares to launch a global KM standard, now is the time to gain a thorough understanding of the role and map our your career path over the next ten years.

Join experienced KM thought leaders Paul J.Corney and Eric Hunter to:

  • Understand the competencies that make an effective knowledge manager
  • Identify the drivers that influence the knowledge manager role
  • Examine why KM programmes fail
  • Develop your strategy for meeting the future skill sets of a knowledge manager
  • Gain an effective introduction to the KM Summit taking place on 15-16 May





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Knowledge Management 2018: Download the brochure


VIDEO: Nick Pryor: Building a successful KM product starts with your client's needs

KM Legal 2018: Download the brochure





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